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Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery LLC was founded in 2012 by Charles Darby with the sole purpose of providing customers with the quality service of custom landscape and hardscape design installations. He started his career as a teen working with some of the most prestigious and well-respected companies in the industry. Here he learned both the residential and commercial aspects of the industry. He knew that the mentorship and solid foundation of learning would someday allow him to build his own company and achieve his vision. Younger than most of the competition he set a goal to be leader in the industry for his generation. He devoted himself to networking and building relationships with others in the industry. The appropriate naming of the company, “Opportunity” Landscapes and Nursery, has great personal meaning as it affords a way to both give and receive opportunities. Building a solid team, both professionally and personally, in support of timely and efficient productivity is a constant focus. Charles devotes his eye for designing the best personalized outdoor living spaces, so that his customers experience enjoyment and satisfaction each time they are outdoors or simply looking out the window. With his novel concept that “a landscape should not be maintained but grow to its capacity” he ensures that the most appropriate plant material is selected. Thus, providing simple and elegant landscapes, achieving the goal for a low maintenance outcome. The success of Opportunity Landscape and Nursery LLC can be attributed to its leadership by a creative and passionate individual and the team committed to excellence in the field.

16' Cryptomeria Japonica
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