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Tree and shrub installation is one of our favorite services! We call it 'bringing life to the situation'. Whether it is privacy trees or a foundation planting, we select from a variety of species and cultivars specifically for the location. 
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Drainage is first and foremost in landscaping. Improper drainage can impact the success of a landscape. Whether the task is finish grading, troubleshooting standing water issues in your landscape, or sub-surface drainage needs, let us determine a solution for your drainage needs.
If you need sod installation or artificial turf installation, then call us at 615-926-7928 
Hardscapes are used in landscapes for various reasons. Hardscapes are used to prevent future eroding of embankments. They provide an alternative to redirect water or alter the elevation of your property. There are endless opportunities for hardscapes.    
 Pavers, permeable pavers for driveways, sidewalks, stairs, segmental retaining walls, whatever you need call us.