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Drainage & Irrigation Systems

Controlling water flow is crucial to your yard’s health, and it can also help you save money on utilities. Whether the issue is standing water, a need for subsurface drainage, or burying your downspouts away from the home, Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery provide solutions. Identification of the soil type (whether clay or porous) is the first step to ensuring proper water drainage and the success of your landscape. Next, our team uses drainage solutions to ensure lasting protection from imbalanced watering and flooding.

In addition, we also design and install gorgeous custom water features and fountains. Trust the Nashville irrigation specialists at Opportunity Landscapes to do an excellent job.

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a stone wall designed to help with drainage and irrigation
A stone drainage system designed and built by Opportunity Landscapes in Nashville, TN
a pile of dirt in a rocky area

Irrigation Systems

Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery is more than a luxury landscaping company. In addition to landscape design and outdoor lighting, we provide more solutions for your property needs. When it comes to that which most endangers your landscaping design, water is at the top of the list. Too little, and your plants die of thirst. Too much, and they drown. 

One of our many services includes irrigation system installation.  An irrigation system is crucial to maintaining the health and vivacity of your landscape.

 The more involved and intricate your landscape design, the more important the irrigation system. Booking a consultation with Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery gets you on the road to proper water management.

a green plant in a garden

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Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery, serving clients in the greater Nashville area, encourages you to meet with us so we can show you how we can protect your landscape from one of the Earth’s most common elements: water. Book your consultation today.

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