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Hardscape Design & Installation

Why should you consider a hardscape consultation? Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery can help you decide whether to extend your outdoor living space with a paver patio and seating or if there is a need for erosion control, or simply the need for rejuvenation of a fading hardscape. Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery has accomplished some of our best work when adding hardscape features to existing landscapes. Our team of experienced hardscape professionals is as boundless with their creativity as they are with landscaping.

A great deal of our clients request both landscaping and hardscaping installation from our team at Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery. 

Additionally, our customers tend to combine these designs into one big blueprint as they must work together to maintain the overall vision, tone, and scope for your property.

By contacting our experts today, you can get a consultation and set out on your journey toward the perfect hardscape design. We proudly serve the greater Nashville area, including the communities of Arrington, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Forest Hills, Franklin, and Leiper’s Fork.

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Your Vision Is Our Blueprint

At Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery, our job is to bring to life your ideas and our creative solutions for your outdoor space.

Our hardscape designs totally transform your landscape and property. They have the power to complete your existing design, through both added esthetic and structural improvements.

a stone bench in a garden
Making Your Vision a Reality

Standalone Hardscape Designs

As previously mentioned, our hardscape designs can dovetail with your landscape design or stand alone as separate projects. Many of our most ambitious projects have taken root as isolated features or large additions to pre-existing landscapes.

Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery has been afforded the opportunity to work on a multitude of hardscaping projects. Each one presenting with a new and unique encounter.

Furthermore, we have instilled in each and every one of our team members solid knowledge and experience for our craft. You can rest assured that your hardscape design will exceed your expectations for the ideal outdoor space. We will work with you at pace to create added value to your property, whether you are needing any flatwork, retaining walls, stone seating, paver patios, boulders or more, we can help.

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Custom Hardscapes in the Greater Nashville Area

Your dream home isn’t complete without the outdoor living space you envisioned after moving in. Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery offers you the chance to bring that dream to life. Visit our contact page or give us a call for your consultation today.

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