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Landscape Design

At opportunity Landscapes and Nursery, we curate and create gorgeous landscape designs for our valued clients. Our team accomplishes this by creating stunning landscapes that go above and beyond ordinary landscape designs. Our holistic approach considers your desired privacy solutions, color schemes, textures, layers of plant life, and more, while our knowledgeable and experienced team applies their skills to carefully lay out and install the ideal landscape for your house in your front or backyard.

How do we choose the shrubs, trees, flowers, and other plant life that complements your home? We work closely with you to create landscaping that fits the theme or style you have in mind as well as the level of maintenance you are comfortable with.

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Luxury Landscape Design Services in Nashville TN. Hardscape wall with seasonally enhanced garden.
Hydrangeas installed by Opportunity landscapes with a hardscape fire pit
an example of Landscape Design for luxury outdoor living in Nashville

Bringing Your Vision to Life

At Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery, we customize our approach to meet your vision and budget. This is achieved as a result of clients’ input for the design and material selection.

We continually calibrate the working relationship to meet your style and needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team takes the time apply our skills to lay out and install the ideal landscape. We don’t rush the process or take shortcuts. We are deliberate with every decision about your ideal landscape.

Flowers and Flowering Trees for Landscape Design Offered by Opportunity Landscapes and Design
Making Your Vision a Reality

Versatile & Ambitious Landscape Designs

Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery prides ourselves on our ability to make the amazing happen. Furthermore, our landscape designs fall along a vast range of privacy, colors, textures, and layers of plants.

With over thirteen years of experience, Charles Darby has designed landscapes of countless styles, themes, and patterns.

He understands which trees, shrubs, and flowers are most suited to the growing zone, how they grow together in the soil, the growth characteristics, and maintenance requirements. He thinks of every little detail as the project progresses to ensure that the vision of your ideal landscape is realized.

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Here at Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery, our passion for creating world-class landscapes exhibits itself in every property that we design. We meet these expectations time and again because of our commitment to constantly accelerate our craft forward. With Opportunity Landscapes and Nursery, you know that you will be working with the most inspired, patient, and passionate landscapers across all of Nashville and beyond.

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